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I'm trying to get running a Pro 1.3.0 controller on Rasberry Pi 1 model B.
OS is Debian Wheezy and I installed JAVA EJRE1.6.0_38

Syncing works fine, controller replies startup complete but then immediately continues endless with 'unable to retrieve controller identity...'.

Any help would be very welcome.

Hi Ben

I've got two controllers running on the same Pro account, on windows 7 Netbooks. (I was testing multi Velbus network connections.)

There first controller I boot up runs perfectly, the second always comes up with that error.

Eric tells me it's the remote access connection to the beehive.

I set a clients machine up a couple of days ago and it works fine.

There is a forum topic here if you want to take a look.....

Posted by mdar at Nov 13, 2015 20:10

Read the lower part of this thread

Posted by pz1 at Nov 14, 2015 08:01

Thnx for the advise.

I've changed
remote.command.request.interval = 720m

I've started the controller afterwards, but the problem (unable to retrieve controller identity) still exists.

Which JAVA version can be advised for OpenRemote Pro 1.3.0 on a Raspberry Pi 1 model B running on Raspbian Wheezy?

Posted by helsenbe at Nov 16, 2015 19:58

Hi Ben

How have you got on?

Have you found your answers in any other topics?

I'm only using Windows7 or BeagleBone machines.

Posted by mdar at Nov 20, 2015 19:12
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