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I have set up openremote on a raspberry pi server and integrated my DSC 1832 security system which communicates via envisalink. Envisalink is a module that communicates with the DSC security system via the internet. It is similar to the It-100 module. I set up a gui on my iPhone with a page that tells me the status of my security zones and the partition status. Everything seemed to work fine until a few days ago. I checked my status page on my iPhone, the feedback sensors are not working anymore. The arm away, arm stay and disarm all stopped working too. My weather sensor stopped working as well. All it shows is NA. I deleted the partition command and sensor and recreated it, updated the status and synced it with or controller, nothing. I checked the up address on the commands and they are the same as the arm away and disarm commands. Any thoughts? I have attached a phot!pi Screen|thumbnail,align=center!o of my screen

I deleted openremote from my pi and reinstalled last night thinking something got deleted by mistake and nothing happened.
Luckily what I did was backed up my file a week ago in openremote designer and restored it last night and everything seems to work now. Any ideas?

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