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Hello Guys

I read that OpenRemote supports OpenWebNet protocol, but I have not found documentation about hardware requirements.

I am not sure about what I need to connect OpenRemote and bticino products.

Example: With Z-wave products I need a z-wave USB card connected to my OpenRemote controller after that I can comunicate with z-wave elements. But I can not find what I need for OpenWebNet products.

I am not sure if OpenRemote connects with OpenWebNet Gateway.

I hope somebody can explain basic topology for OpenWebNet.


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Hi - there is a protocol that has been written but unfortunately it is still not integrated into the current release of Openremote. Hopefully if there are more of us who need this they will eventually complete the project.

At the moment you are able to use the TCP/IP protocol to turn on or off lights but you are not able to get feedback from the gateway. This means you can not have switches just 2 buttons one to turn on a light and another to turn it off.

Here is a simple example of how you set up a command in Openremote to turn off a light:

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