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I've been trying to get OpenRemote working on a QNAP 469L with the aeotec z-stick series 2 USB Device.

Following all the instructions I seem to have come to where others have got to and now can't get much further.

Basically - I get the ZWave stack starting and nothing else - No errors in Boot.Log and only a status line in ZWave.Log.

this forum is littered with people experiencing very similar - there's a post which talks about changing permissions so OpenRemote can read the USB Port, and changing a JAR file because the one that gets shipped only works with x86 processors not ARM processors. The same post also talks about building drivers etc - which as anyone who knows anything about linux is not for the faint hearted...Here's the post

What concerns me is from what I can tell I'm running a "Certified" configuration. Qnap and Openremote both say this should work, and yet plenty of people seem to be saying it doesn't - and you really shouldn't need to be doing that level of fiddling in a product that "Works".

I'd probably upgrade to Pro in a heartbeat but I need to know its going to work before shelling out and then finding it doesn't work. From what I read - you don't get much support for your $$$

Can someone please tell me - What exactly was certified - ie. What QNAP Model was used - and are the ARM Processors supposed to work?



Reassuring to know there's no reply here...

I went ahead anyway and purchased the Professional subscription.

I had to mess about a bit to get the package to work on the Qnap (there is a statement on the website saying there is a professional Qnap package to download which doesn't exist once you login...) - maybe an afternoon's work but mainly just java and troubleshooting errors...the fixes for which are on this forum.

but as I suspected the ZWave stuff just started working...

so it now works...

I have a feeling this is going to be an up hill battle...

next question is around linking 2 switches together.

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