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I have used OpenRemote happily for everything in our home (lights, thermostat, TV, Music, etc) since 2013, and this is my first post and my first unsolvable issue. I apologize if this is posted in the wrong place or if this information is available elsewhere, but I haven't been able to find any documentation on this change so far.

On my iPhone 5S, the OpenRemote iOS App automatically updated from 2.1.3 to 2.2.0 overnight (4/20/16), and I'm having myriad issues. Here is the iOS app page -

1) When I try to open the updated iOS app, there is a popup message which says "ERROR OCCUR - Generic HTTP Error". When I click OK the app displays a black screen. I've been using the default "iPhone" panel with standard settings since the beginning, my controller is version 2.2.0.

2) Everything is working properly on my other iOS devices, running the older version of the iOS app.

3) I created a new standard "iPhone" panel in designer and copied all the groups/screens onto it, and when I choose this panel in the iOS app, I do not get an error message, and the app loads some (but not all) images. Navigation works, although the Tab Bar is now white, so the tab bar nav icons are hard to read. No buttons, sliders, indicators, etc work at all. The buttons do animate presses on the screen, so the app is not frozen. It is as if some of the images have loaded, but there is a disconnect from the controller and then no further communication. The controller does not show any errors on the console.

4) I created a new Custom Panel with iPhone 5S screen dimensions 640x1136, and I added 1 background image and 1 button to see if this simple configuration would work, but it behaves the same way. The panel loads, the button animates, but the controller never receives the commands.

At this point, I am out of quick ideas to try; and we have come to rely on OR on a daily (really hourly) basis for everything in our home, so I am motivated to solve this issue ASAP.

I have enjoyed reading many great ideas and I've regularly found fantastic support resources on this forum; if someone could point me in the right direction I would be very grateful!

Update: I was able to get the default panel to load and regain some functionality in the iOS app version 2.2.0 by disabling the security features in the controller. I basically just re-commented out the security sections in web.xml, which I had previously configured following the instructions here:

Now the default iphone panel loads in iOS app version 2.2.0, and most of the indicators are receiving the current states of switches/dimmers, etc from the controller; however, I still have 4 critical issues:

1) One of my screens loads no images, controls, or indicators (including the background image). This screen only loads a black screen with text labels and one default slider image, which is non-functional, and the nav bar. No background, button, switch, or slider images load on that page, and I cannot determine why. The other 9 screens load properly.

2) Throughout the panel, all sliders are non-functional. They move when you slide them; however, they do not send commands to the controller. They do update to indicate the current status when the sliders are adjusted from other devices running the older iOS app. Buttons and switches seem to work fine.

3) Version 2.2.0 loads in less than a second (a bit faster than version 2.1.3), but it loads without the nav bar, which is unusable. Every time I open the app I have to go into settings and then click "Done" to re-load the nav bar, and often I have to do it twice. This is very annoying and will confuse my wife and kids, and our babysitter.

4) Security is important to me, and I'd like to re-enable security as soon as possible. So far as I can tell, enabling security prevents communication with the controller in iOS app version 2.2.0.

Any ideas on these issues?


Posted by nshepard at Apr 21, 2016 19:34

I have had the slider issues, I rolled back to 2.1.3 using iTunes and all is well.

Posted by ggraja at Apr 24, 2016 14:48

I spent about an hour trying to do the iTunes rollback to 2.1.3 on Friday, but sadly, I did not have a local iTunes backup (only an iCloud backup), and apparently starting in iOS9 you can't rollback to previous app versions from an iCloud backup (it only will download the latest version of each app during the restore).

Govinda, do you have the openremote app version 2.1.3 *.ipa file from your iTunes phone backup by any chance?


Posted by nshepard at Apr 24, 2016 15:57

Please check and use our Google groups for discussion on this topic:

Posted by ebariaux at Apr 25, 2016 08:24

Nathan, I do have a backup. I am more than willing to share the same with you. I am not too sure how to attach the file here in the forum.

You can send me an email to indianfarmer at gmail and I will send the file across to you.

Posted by ggraja at Apr 25, 2016 15:50

new app 2.2.0 still doesn't support animated gif like 2.1.3.
when I am opening openremote on Ipad through chrome, the animated gif ( rotating fan ) is working fine. but if I use the dedicated app, the fan gif is shown but not rotating.
Is it possible to add a fix for next version?
beside the above issue, everything is working fine

Posted by nitzank at May 05, 2016 06:43
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