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Hello everyone,

I'm certain you all realise by now that I'm happy to bang on about how wonderful the team at OpenRemote are and just how amazing the Velbus integration is, but I thought it might be nice to read about other people's success stories.

For example, since launching the Velbus protocol in OR Pro 1.3, I've had direct contact from a number of professional installers and a handful of end users, asking for a small bit of help getting OpenRemote Pro communicating with their Velbus networks.

I'll be reviewing our conversations and editing the how-to guide a little.

However, once OR and Velbus had made a connection for each of these people, I haven't heard a peep from them.

Now I'm happy to assume that 'No News is Good News', but I thought it might be nice for other people who are doing research on hardware and software before taking the plunge to read a few success stories.

So please, if you have time, would some of you be kind enough to write a comment on here about your own good news stories.

I'd be delighted if Velbus featured in these stories, but the wonderful thing about OpenRemote is that a huge selection of protocols can co-exist and interact.

My own home has a selection of Velbus modules that control the 12 heating zones and various lighting fixtures, with a couple of DMX lighting fixtures and 2 VLC media players, with OpenRemote picking up events on the Velbus network to trigger DMX & VLC events and providing the graphical user interface.

I have a client with 38 channels of lighting, 11 heating zones, a car turn table, garage door and some garden features all controlled with Velbus modules, with OpenRemote providing the control surface.

There's also a large church with a function room and house, all controlled with Velbus and OpenRemote.

And a growing list of interesting projects around the country.

But what about you?
What have you used OpenRemote for and why should someone who is yet to take the plunge choose OpenRemote?

Many thanks in advance.


A survey at the certified OpenRemote installers might give some insights in what is actually happening? Last time I traced them was about 2 years ago. Not much was happening at that time.

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