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Hello everybody of community,

i see in a newsletter june 2014, "openWebNet starting intergration into OpenRemote". Writing by Marco Miccini.
I wait, i wait, but nothing comes.

Integration with the protocol OpenWebNet is Necessary for:
state return
whether a lamp is lit
use only one button to turn on and turn off

Have you a feedback for me ?


Hi Fabrice, OpenWebnet was started by Marco. There is a branch which includes his source code which you can pick up. Unfortunately this work was never completed which is a pity. If you see a chance to pick it up from where he left off we will help you wherever we can.

Posted by pierre kil at Jan 07, 2016 12:03

Hi Pierre,

thanks for you response.

I can try. I am not a programming expert but why not.
or I can look at what has already been done?

Posted by fableo at Jan 10, 2016 22:56

Hello Fabrice,

Please see this forum thread for discussion on previous work on OpenWebNet:

Source code can be found here: and

Posted by ebariaux at Jan 11, 2016 17:08
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