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Hello all,

I have recently discovered openremote.
As I do have a Synology DS713+ and like to use things to the fullest it has been a long wish to get some home automation system running on my NAS.
Installing openremote is simple, and I get around with setting up things and building the app.
Together with that I have a RFXcom transreceiver and a bunch of klikaan klikuit switches (build in and plug in dimmers and switches for light)
Maybe I have not searched enough yet, but I thought to be able to find a bit more simple tutorials in head lines how to get a few things working.
So at this moment I feel like being stuck a little.
1, is there any info on how and if it is possible to get openremote communicating a RFXcom transreceiver on synology
2, do I need any additional software to get things working ( I get the impression by some things I read )
3, klik aan klik uit (dutch brand but commmon main stream switches) what protcol should I use to talk to it
4, how to identify within openremote a switch or dimmer out in the house (I can't figure an ID from it by looking at it?
In short, quite some missing information for me.
I do understand quite a bit of software and communication between things, but I am no programmer and I don't want to become one to get something working.
Maybe time is not right yet, things start to pop up for NAS servers, but a proper pre designed package is not available yet I reckon.
I am basically looking for a free configurable package/software which runs on a Synology NAS (DS713+)
Configuring would be nice, and give the ability to customize but at the same time allow a lot of freedom to make it to my own liking..

if anyone would be able to lift my understanding to the next level, I look forward to hearing from you.

Greetz Alexander

Hi Sander,

Did you try it with They use the same box so this might work.

Posted by bruce awillis at Dec 16, 2014 08:13

Hi Bruce, thanks for the idea and links, would you think it matter a lot my RFXcom transreceiver connects through USB, the porting and connection will be different...I will read in on it and see what it could do for me. Still a lot to learn!

Posted by sander at Dec 16, 2014 10:02
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