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You might have hear about the ransomware that attacked a lot of Synology systems over the past week.
My system was not affected but I decided to upgrade the security. I have switched off the admin account for instance.
Now I found out that the pages of the controller, designer and console are completely blank.
I ahd a similar issue with Cronjob editor. The solution there was to change admin to the new username (in the configfiles of Cronjob).

For Openremote I can not find such a thing.

I have already installed new java. Running now Java SE embedded 8 1.8.0_6-0027. This was not the solution. Also with version 6 of Jave SE Embedded no luck.
Re-installed php my admin. All is working.

Open remote is running as normal. I can use it on my iPhone without a problem.
Ideas are welcome.

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