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It seems the Android Openremote App is hard coded to only deal with 320x480 panel resolutions; been doing some testing on a HTC Desire HD which has 480x800 screen and things just don't work with a custom panel in the UI Designer with a resolution of this size.

I have a 10" Archos which I want to try out at some point with Openremote so multiple panel resolutions is a must IMHO.

Richard - I'm testing on a 10" Android (Archos101) tablet. So far I've only been testing various command formats so have simply been re-using an I-Pad sized panel for random buttons and its worked acceptably. I'll try a more specific sized custom panel and see how I get on.

Posted by deanox at Jan 25, 2011 20:29

Hi Dean,

Thanks for the feedback; I don't know what was going wrong for me on the HTC but I haven't tried things out on my Archos 101 yet but it's good news if all works well there. I'm busy doing some testing with Pulseaudio and MPD control through Openremote at the moment and have settled for using the generic Android Panel in the composer.

Is it possible to compile and run the composer locally rather than the online version? I've made some additions to the TelnetCommanand and implemented some additional command properties to cope with reading status' and applying a regex to the returned string. I've contacted Juha about my work and am happy for my code to go back into subversion but he said he's pretty busy at the mo.

Everytime I make a change to my panel layout online I have to manually add in my new telnet command properties for every command, which is a big pain.

Posted by kurrazyman at Jan 25, 2011 20:49

I have a 480*800 smartq v7 running android 2.1 and the resolution is perfect.
Be aware that you have to build it yourself and use the correct sdk subset in the android sdk.
execute ./android list targets
this must contain the correct sdk for your android version.
If you have the display setting "LCD density" turn it on, it will improve the res also.

It worked for me ; -)

Good luck, you'll manage

Posted by kide at Jan 26, 2011 23:11

I had the same problem using my HTC Desire.

I decided to make a new panel with manual resolution on the Composer, and tried several sizes until I got the right size for me.

If someone needs to use an HTC Desire, make a Custom panel, and manually place the screen width and height as 320x535, it worked for me.

Posted by undergrounddemand at Mar 24, 2011 11:30

Thanks for the update, and sharing the info.

Andrew Ball (of OS Integrators) has worked in Android panel updates that support multiple resolutions and screen densities. His work is available to early testers here:

The update raises the minimum requirements up to API 4 level (Android 1.6).

Build instructions to create and deploy your own APK are here: Building OpenRemote Android 2.0 Console

Posted by juha at Mar 24, 2011 11:41

I had the same problem with an Toshiba folio 100 (1034*600). Using a custom panel in the designer and disabling the compatibility mode (with the SpareParts application) made it. Well, with a slight bug concerning screen rotations...

Posted by mgallissot at Mar 24, 2011 21:11

Could you elaborate a bit on the screen rotation related bug?


Posted by cortextual at Apr 11, 2011 22:33
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