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I have started to integrate a Paradox Digiplex EVO 192 with PRT3 module.
Currently I have the protocol working(arm/disarm/receiving status), with an WEB Gateway and later I will integrate on OpenRemote.

Anyone else have this kind of system and want to work together to test and check ?

I can't help with testing but would be interested in knowing how things progress. Security system integration is an item that is commonly asked for and our list is currently very short.

If you need any help or want to discuss details feel free to also email me directly at

Posted by juha at Sep 02, 2012 13:53

Hi Juha,

I will keep you informed about the progress.
The current status is :

communicating with AlarmSystem, sending and receiving data.
Some status comming from the Alarm is updated in memory, need to improve supporting all messages, I have to create a XML data defining all status messages and work with the messages that inform system updates.

Have a basic JAX-RS gateway using Jersey + Jetty, this make possible to send commands and see the status. Is possible to use OpenRemote without changes to send commands to the Alarm using HTTP requests.

After making all this part work, I will start to create an OpenRemote interface do talk directly with the objects.

I want to make all available as openSource, and my idea is to make it available with OpenRemote, my idea is to use the package "" what you think about this ?

Posted by ivanfm at Sep 02, 2012 23:15

Package is already reserved for other purposes.

Device and system integrations should in general fall under org.openremote.controller.protocol package (or subpackages). For example, org.openremote.controller.protocol.paradox

Best regards,

– Juha

Posted by juha at Sep 03, 2012 11:14

Hi Ivan,

Got a question with regards to your integration over email, wondering if you're still working on it, or if you picked up other interesting integrations?

We're looking to certify specific integrations, and wondering if being a certified integrator would be something of interest to you personally? Ping here or over private email at and let's discuss.

Posted by juha at Jan 31, 2013 12:33


Are you still working on the PARADOX integration with OpenRemote?

I want to run OpenRemote on raspberry pi then integrate with paradox alarm.
Is this possible? Need to decide on buying this alarm

Posted by bertin at Dec 06, 2013 06:19
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