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Hi all.
I would like to create a programmable thermostat for the rooms of my house.
My knx device does not allow chrono programming.
My idea was to use 24 fake slider and every hourse set the value of the real temperature using a rule.
If i use virtual command i can create sliders but on controller startup i lose programmed value.
Using shell exceute protocol can i obtain same result saving values on a file?
I have read the How To but i don't understand if i can use this for sliders.
any idea? or alternative solutions?


i've written facts to a file in linux using the shell execution protocol

to do this i've written two scripts

more /opt/openremote/facts/$1

and scr_write

echo "$2" > /opt/openremote/facts/$1

echo "pl $1 $2" | nc localhost 1099

i then call them using the following setup

Sensor command

name: vacation_sensor_command
Protocol: Shell execution protocol
path: cat
Command parameter: /opt/openremote/facts/vacation
polling interval: 10m
regular expression: ^([\w\-]+)
sensor_name: vacation_sensor

and to turn and off the switch (in my case x10)

name: vacation_sensor_command
Protocol: Shell execution protocol
path: /opt/openremote/scripts/scr_write
Command parameter: vacation on

HTH as i'm no expert

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