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I've a Synology Nas with Open Remote, to control an KNX installation.
I've a Merten GetWay, and IP router, when I have a power-cut, or restart the synology NAS, all lights light ON (and other devices).

I've made a couple of tests, and the problem is when the Open Remote starts on the Synology, is there any rule or option that I can use so the commands stay's in the same state they were or at least OFF?


Has anyone got any ideas for this?

I have the opposite issue with Velbus hardware.

After a power cut, everything reverts to a safe state (ie OFF), I'd like to issue a batch of commands to reset states in certain Velbus modules.

I was wondering if this could be done with a rule, if there is an "Up Time" value?



Posted by mdar at Nov 24, 2015 18:04

Michal helped me with this a while ago and this works perfectly - storing values in a file which are restored after poweroff.

Posted by jules_bike at Nov 24, 2015 22:06


you will need to store your states in "in-memory virtual command" and copy them to KNX command. The rule for doing that would be something like (not tested):

rule "Copy IMVC to KNX"
  Event(source=="GMy_IMVC1", $v: value)
  execute.command("My_KNX1", $v.toString() );

Then you can make in-memory virtual commands persistent as described on my blog

Posted by aktur at Nov 25, 2015 09:35
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