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I tried to create a slider larger size (with larger image ) but when it appears on my tablet (android with Beta3 OR) remains the classic dimension.
Can not be greater. while his work on Ipad?
What is the problem?
Sorry for English but I use Google translation
exemple here ( )



I'm encountering the "same" issue with my new android (samsung galaxy s3).

  • I tried several things about the screen size, but never able to display the same view as the designer...
  • And the default slider is not displayed correctly (only the little cursor but also cut is displayed).

There is a workaround for these points?


Posted by baptister at Oct 04, 2012 13:18

Not at the moment. Waiting for someone in the community to step up with patches.

Posted by juha at Oct 05, 2012 21:09

Hi, Baptister.

I also try to make the appropriate slider, but strange things are happening. Even if I use my images for the slider they don't display properly. Did you manage to produce appropriate slider? Did you find any solution?

I'm talking about the latest (new) android application. I need it for graphs.



Posted by nejc at Oct 13, 2012 20:43

Hi all

Same issue for me :/
Where i can show the roadmap?


Posted by metrem at Jul 31, 2013 19:46
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