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At this moment I've a problem.

When I send a Power On command to my Yamaha receiver with Windows 7 as OpenRemote controller it works using my mobile

Then I stop the controller on Windows 7
Then I start the controller on Synology DS211 DSM 5
I change discovery to 18581
I change settings on my mobile phone to use Synlogy controller.
I can see same panels as I used to with Windows 7
I see same button
But when I push the button, the Yamaha Receiver won't turn on
I see error messages in the catalina.out file when I send the command with my mobile. But I can not figure out where the problem is.
I compared the controller.xml from windows 7 with Synology NAS and there seems to be no difference.

also when I sync, the catalina.out files shows me there is a problem with copy the lircd.conf file to /etc

Please help

What error messages to you see?

Posted by mredeker at Aug 24, 2014 19:37
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