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I am trying to get Zwave-to-IR extender(remotec ZXT-120) working in OR, My setup is like vera3,fibaro/TKB switches/dimmer, Foscam IP camera, SQ blaster Plus,4-1 sensors by TKB etc.
I currently trying to get remotec ZXT-120 and SQ blaster Plus for AV working,
I manage to get slider for temperature control, which auto discovered by vera discovery, If I move slider AC gets ON But can't put if OFF, I did try to create new command ON and OFF but no JOY yet AnyBody used remotec ZXT-120 with vera 3 can throw some lights to get me going on issue I am having ?

Have you already reviewed the content here:

OpenRemote 2.0 How To - Micasaverde Vera

Pay special attention to Generic_Action and Generic_status.

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