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when i change screen orientation on ipod touch and iphone while openremote is running , part of the background

image is missing  as shown here.

this happens when changing from landscape to portrait orientation
!ipod screen 01|align=left!
seems to be a problem with picture upload i think

sometimes the background and buttons are all missing (black background) when changing from landscape layout to


similar problems occur

heres the pic showing the problem.


Posted by nanoprobe at Sep 27, 2010 16:06

That does look strange, haven't seen that myself yet.

There's been some changes lately with how the orientation is handled. I'll do a new binary soon, and will see if you can still reproduce it.

Posted by juha at Sep 27, 2010 16:50

hi juha

the problem still persists. it may have something to do with sensors being polled.

what i have noticed is when sensors are being polled the ui slows down quite a bit, and part of the background image is lost , when connecting to the server and when changing page orientation.

try adding 2 switches with 2 sensors and then check ui for issues.


Posted by nanoprobe at Oct 02, 2010 14:21

I'm going run more sensor tests although it's not immediately obvious how they'd directly impact UI rotation (but there may be more non-obvious ways).

I assume you've created a screen design for both orientations separately?

If you can reduce your design to minimum set that demonstrates the issue, can you share your designer account (email juha at openremote org) and I will be able to test it. Use the "Account Management" in the designer to add users and assign access rights:

Posted by juha at Oct 06, 2010 12:43

Hi, Juha.

How can I access to invited user? I got it on my account management window. And what this different access rights mean?


Posted by nejc at Jul 18, 2013 12:05
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