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Hi !

I own an ezremote xs1 Gateway. My intention is to use a toggling on/off switch so i need a sensor that returns the actual set value.

I can set the state of an actor to a desired value by http get and get a response with the following Design

	"version": 16,
	"type": "get_state_sensor",
	"sensor": {
		"number": 3,
		"name": "Sensor_3",
		"type": "disabled",
		"value": 0.0,
		"state": [],
		"unit": "",
		"utime": 0,
		"date": {
			"weekday": "th",
			"day": 1,
			"month": 1,
			"year": 1970
		"time": {
			"hour": 1,
			"min": 0,
			"sec": 0

Now i need an expression that will return the value "0.0" or "100.0"

i tried several regex but all i get is n/a.

If I leave it blank it will return all the text.

Can anyone help me to get the desired Value ?

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Posted by pz1 at Feb 22, 2014 07:50

I tried it with a regex tester

finally i found reges that should return what i realy need 0 or 1

value": (.)

BUT in openremote it returns

value": 0 do it get rid of the


Posted by fireblade900rr at Feb 22, 2014 08:34

JSON path should do this much easier.

Posted by mredeker at Feb 22, 2014 19:19
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