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Hi , i use OpenRemote Designer (ProInstaller_1.4.0) ,on the web , when i use building modeler i have no problem to save my device. But when i use the UI Designer it`s impossible for me to save my new data. i export now and my data doesn`t change , my date is still from the 23 december .

OpenRemote says:
failed to extract panel.xml for panel : No such Panel

On which platform do you run? Your problem resembles mine with 1.4 on Synology DS212+ (linux)

Posted by pz1 at Dec 29, 2015 18:57

windows7 64 bit with z-stick s2(aeon), i run ProInstaller_1.4.0 since 9 december. But since the 23 december , I exported(zip) before modifing my images and now nothing saves.

Posted by yogs at Dec 29, 2015 20:02

Thanks, that's different. Mine did not start at all. Problem in startup script. Waiting for answer from OR-team

Posted by pz1 at Dec 29, 2015 20:22


For some reason, the designer detected some inconsistency when restoring your configuration from its persistence and to avoid any further data corruption, it prevents saving from that point onward.
I've now reset this flag, so you should be able to save and sync again.

I've put that on my list to take a closer look whenever I can and see why the corruption was detected in the first place.

Posted by ebariaux at Jan 04, 2016 13:32

Thank Eric,

tout fonctionne très bien depuis votre action , c'est un erreur de ma part d'avoir modifié un fichier , avant de l'exporter en zip dans le cloud. a ne pas faire!

Openremote me passionne ! je suis qu'un débutant en programmation et domotique avec des heures de lecture sur votre forum depuis environs 9 mois , a essayé de comprendre le Java, Drools , rules , et a télécharger des tutoriels.

on arrive a se débrouiller avec les problèmes et réponses de la communauté!

J'aimerais tellement être bon comme vous , mais a chacun son métier . Continué votre bon travail , je continue a vous lire !!

win7-64bit – z-wave.jar – z-stick(aeon) – ProInstaller_1.4.0 – jdk1.6.0_45 – rxtx-native-windows.jar

Posted by yogs at Jan 06, 2016 04:35
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