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Hi all,
please Juha, Marcus, Eric... someone help me.

using I had this huge problem.

I'm very sad !!
I think there is a bug in the designer, I don't how how to explain... but i Try

I had my normal account called "home" with all my devices and two full completed panels, "iPhone" and "iPad".

1) Read a answer for a webconsole problem, I created a new account "testmb", with a simple panel with a label
and I thought to create only one light device ON/OFF/STATUS, one SENSOR and one SWITCH
2) When I tried to insert the switch just created, clic on "SwithCommad", the designer show me all switch,
both account, "home" and "testmb", ... strange I thought, then I insert the switch I saved...
3) I don't know how and why, AHHHHHH--- but now I have the panels "iphone" and "ipad" on the "testmb" account,
and all my devices in the "home" account without my panels


Account "home"

  • all my devices
  • the the test panel with only one label and one switch

Account "testmb":

  • just one device created for testing
  • my two "iPhone" and "iPad" panels

I spended many hours with this panels, please help me...
help me save the two panels in my "home" account... please...

Thanks Mark for your help.

I will take a look when I get a chance. Just don't log in to the account to cause any further data corruption

Posted by juha at Dec 12, 2012 10:11

Hi Juha,
thanks, you are my Santa's

PS: If you came in italy and you pass trough liguria, I cook for you the "Farinata"
with our olive oil...

Posted by mb at Dec 12, 2012 10:38

I will try to restore a backup from Nov 30th.

I'll try to get to Italy too. Most excellent food

Posted by juha at Dec 17, 2012 19:29

Thanks Juha !!

Now my panels are OK

Posted by mb at Dec 19, 2012 22:26
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