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I'm very excited about the upcoming 2.0 version that I would like to use as an interface to my custom build HA controller. The project is still relatively small, but lies on a great architecture that is meant to be easy expandable. That's the reason, this project is great! However I have some proposals and thoughts that I would like to share:

1. It would be nice to have some way of collecting the sensor's data. This would make possible to have some statistics for a given period. Then there would be a special widget of type "chart" that would visualize a chart in the UI.

I imagine something like that:

Request URL: /rest/stats/{sensor_id}/{start_date}/{end_date}/

{start_date} and {end_date} are dates formated in Milliseconds since 1970 (it's easy to make some math)

This would return something like this:

<openremote xsi:schemaLocation="">
<stats id="1">
<status date="1000000000000">23</status>
<status date="1000000120000">21</status>
<status date="1000000240000">33</status>

2. Video surveillance and web cameras support. The streaming output must definitely support Flash video streaming. Flash is the future! In Flash CS5 there will be possible to publish the SWF as a native iPhone app. There is also applications like ELIPS Studio, that converts SWF code to a native iPhone/Symbian/Android/Windows Phone code. There is also the Adobe AIR that makes possible to do a multi-platform self containing executable (Linux/Mac OS/Windows). So, using Flash as a panel interface technology is the logical choice. You create just one universal app and publish it to all major platforms.

VLC supports FLV streaming, so maybe it is a good choice, I'm not a specialist in this area.

3. Inline window widget. Imagine something like an IFRAME (the HTML tag), that is capable of rendering OpenRemote panel screen inside itself. This widget will make possible an interface design that always shows the main buttons and a window that shows different information.

4. Scheduling. I think this is already planned... besides we can't speak about HA system without this component

5. Generic serial support. I know this is coming

6. Some sort of plugins engine/framework/build in scripting language. There must be a way the end users to extend the functionality via simple scripts. This is a big task, but will make OR a really powerful HA system!

This are just some thoughts

Hi Mihail,

Thanks for sharing your ideas. History data, scheduling, serial scripting are all features that are clearly on the to-do list, and we'll get to them once other items have been cleared on the list.

Not sure what you're looking for with your IFrame idea, 2.0 supports toolbar definitions that allow you to have a fixed set of navigation buttons on the screen at all times.

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