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I found a nice way to send push messages to my smartphone.
I use the app "Pushover".

Step 1.
Buy and install the app from the appstore.

Step 2.
Get your token from their site.

Step 3.
Create a .sh file wich can send messages via the pushover api (/home/pi/

curl -s \
  -F "token=yOuRTokEN" \
  -F "user=youRuSer" \
  -F "message=$*" \

Don't forget to make ik exacutable. ( chmod +x )

Step 4.
Create your command in OpenRemote.

pushover.png (image/png)
pushover http call.png (image/png)

The problem with shell commands is that they are system specific and therefore not portable.
Perhaps you can use the API from rules, similarly how I've hooked Notify My Android service to push messages to my smartphone (Notify My Android is free for limited number of messages per day).
For integration of NMA please see

Posted by aktur at Oct 04, 2013 13:08

The HTTP command should do it. Curl is only creating a HTTP call.

Posted by mredeker at Oct 05, 2013 21:25

Even better so, but an average user would have problems with such dense advice. An example how to setup the HTTP command (tested) would be very helpful.

Posted by aktur at Oct 06, 2013 00:03

Did some testing. Can be done much easier indeed.
Just one http call

Full url used:
Posted by puthplaza at Oct 06, 2013 14:36

Thanks for sharing this tip Michel. Quite nice!

I've feeling we should start collecting similar tips somewhere more centrally in the Wiki. Just need to find the time to do it.....

Posted by juha at Oct 10, 2013 12:20
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