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Hello Everybody, this is my first post

I hope you understand my english, because i am a german.

MY Problem is the button in the UI Designer....

is it possible to realise a pushbutton?

this have the same funktion like the switch, but only when it is pushed.

This funktion i need to controll my Jealausieengines and Screenmask for my Homecinema.

I Dont will realise this with a timecontroll because i will have the controll in my hand

I Hope you can help me

Greetings from Germany
Dominik B.

The designer has a plain button as UI element and a switch.
I guess the button is what you are looking for.

Posted by mredeker at Aug 27, 2014 09:20

ok, you say that i dont see the button on the right top side.....

let mit explain.

I need a button that set a command on pushing an a command on leaving.

Like a "Taster" in German

I googled for the right word for "Taster"

In English its called " momentary switch "

Like a Doorbell



Posted by dominik at Aug 27, 2014 17:19

A button which supports different commands on "button down" and "button up" is currently not available.
There is a branch somewhere from Eric where he started developing on this but since it breaks backward compatibilty it is not that easy to integrate.

Posted by mredeker at Sep 01, 2014 16:04

thanks for replying

This is real bad....

Now i can´t controll my Dimming relais from "eltako"

This is not good.

I hope in future this button will add to the UI


Dominik B.

Posted by dominik at Sep 01, 2014 18:19

You can achieve this with a switch (on/off) which is based on a virtual in-memory command and a rule.
The rule will trigger one command (which you need when button-down) when the in-memory state is on and the other command (which you need when button-up) when the in-memory state is off.
Searching the forums you should find examples for in-memory commands and rules.

Posted by mredeker at Sep 01, 2014 21:29


My Pi make troubble so i can´t test what you tell me.


Posted by dominik at Sep 09, 2014 19:58

Hi Dominik,

What kind of eltako module do you use?
I am woring with the fam14, fud14 (dimmer) and fms14
All units can be controled with openremote. I am using switches and sliders.
See link:

Posted by schaaf75 at Sep 22, 2014 15:40

I've been trying to make momentary buttons too but it does'n work the way you suggest.
I've made a virtual switch with status sensor and rules that should act upon the state of the virtual switch.

1) in memory virtual command that stores "on" @ an adress
2) in memory virtual command that stores "off" to the same address
3) in memory virtual command that reads the status of that address
4) a switch that executes command 1 when on and command 2 when off
5) a sensor to read the status @ the address in command 1 & 2
6) a rule that evaluates status and triggers a shell execution (.bat) when virtual switch is "on" and another rule for another shell execution when "off".

Does'nt work.

If I push te button, command 1 is executed, "on" MAY be stored at the defined address, i did not assign an image to the button, it says "off" (regardless if pushed or released). The rule does not act upon it and i don't see how the "off" state can ever be written to the command 1&2 addresses when de button is released.

Any suggestions ?

Posted by vagabond at Oct 10, 2014 15:07

I use something similar for my garage door actuation but it is done with macros (which you can't use in rules).

Would this work (if you need to use rules) ?

Pushbutton Command On
Pushbutton Command Off
Pushbutton Status

Pushbutton Status

rule "Rule Momentary"

timer (int: 1s)

Event(source=="Pushbutton Status", value=="on")

execute.command("Pushbutton Command Off");


This would make the command valid for only 1 sec for each time the button is pressed.

Otherwise setup a macro for command on, 1000ms delay, command off.

Posted by niedejb at Oct 10, 2014 19:51

Thanks for thinking along !

Will try that and take a closer look at macro's. However, i'm designing an android smartphone panel to control a searchlight on my tugboat, if "on" status is maintained per full second it will not be possible to point the light accurately, especially at a distant object. And i think my relay board will not be happy with many short span consecutive on-off changes

Posted by vagabond at Oct 11, 2014 18:25
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