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Hi all. I'm new so please be friendly

I've just ordered my first Raspberry Pi to start experimenting with Eibnetmux on it. I'm trying to connect something in which I can control my own house, byt also my dads house from the same system. I've come to the conclusion that I can have a Raspberry Pi server (with Eibnetmux on it) at my own house, and one at my dads house. Then I can use the PHP-lib to control these from my own webserver (external network/server).

Now to my question... Can one installation of Eibnetmux on my R-Pi control multiple KNX-routers within the same network?

I've read that when you start eibnetmux you also "connect it" to the hostname/ip like so [eibnetmux -options -hostname]. But what if I have multiple KNX-routers... Do I then need multiple R-Pi with Eibnetmux on it?

Thank you so much

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