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Is anyone using Qubino dimmers/relays with Z-wave USB stick and OpenRemote? I'd like to use them in my system, but don't know if they work properly with OR.
Another question: is this possible to use power usage commands in OR? Sounds like just another command, but it would be good if somebody could confirm that.

I'm using Z Wave with OpenRemote pro. A raspberry Pi and a aeons z2 usb stick. I'm using tkb main switchs/relays and Stella Z valves.

At the moment I am having problems with the exact command to send to the Stella Zs. There unfortunately does not appear to be a guide to setting Z wave commands for open remote.

for example the command to set thermostat temperature or the mode of the thermostat.

Maybe I am being a little thick but after a weekend of trying this I am no wiser.

Posted by tonygair at Sep 08, 2014 09:39

Thanks for your reply, but I was wondering if any of you is using Qubino devices.

Posted by druciak at Sep 08, 2014 10:43
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