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Hi there. I'm currently evaluating a number of products to use for my ZWave based home automation system. However the trial product makes it extremely difficult to test ZWave integration due to the completely manual setup process required. This has me on the edge of giving up on OpenRemote altogether.

Are there videos somewhere of the setup process for the professional edition as I understand that that supports ZWave detection? One of the other candidates for my system is OpenHAB with HABmin administration and the detection and setup process is extremely simple once you know the commands required for each devices function. A paid products needs to be able to better the free options I feel.

The trial version of OpenRemote needs to be more fully featured so people can test the complete product with their system before deciding on a purchase. Otherwise you are still taking a gamble.


The following article describes the Professional Designer Z-Wave auto discovery : Autodiscover Controller Z-Wave Devices - Professional Designer

Also note that we're currently working on an improved Z-Wave version.

Posted by rhitz at Oct 13, 2014 21:12
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