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Hi all,

Here is an interesting use case question...

With OR, you can have multiple "panels" - and I like that idea - it allows support for various devices/screen sizes, or so you can provide some panels with a restricted/extended featureset.

However, at the moment, I have "one" panel defined, and am using it on two devices (Nexus 7 and Nexus 4 - albeit rarely on the 4 - just when the 7 runs out of juice).

I've been playing with the REST API so I can enable voice recognition via 3rd party apps and trigger OR events - which seems to be working - and I think I've now cured my remote event to OR UI 'switch' update problem.

But - one question remains....

Some of my OR buttons do two (or more) things - namely :

a) trigger a macro (i.e. power up the A/V receiver, TV and cable box)
b) jump to a different screen (jump to the cable box control screen)

I've wired up voice control to do just that - click the "watch TV" button - and the macro fires ok.
Except that the REST API is called direct to/on the server, to the panel isn't aware of the "click" event.

So....does the server do any state tracking of which panel a particular panel UI is (or should be) on? (or is there a way to issue an update to a panel to jump to a given screen?)

Not only would that be handy for my use case, I was thinking of "alerts", where something could flag an update to a panel, or steal focus....

(my problem is as simple as walking into a room, saying "Open Remote Watch TV" and then having to click two buttons to get the UI to the cable controls after I've picked up the remote)

Hi Peter,

No tracking of UI state at the moment.

Driving UI states from the controller has many interesting use cases, and is clearly a feature we'd like to implement but haven't had the time (nor funded priority) to implement one yet. So when either one of those two conditions (time or funds) turns true or there's a contribution (it's an architectural change, not a trivial contrib) then we'll get there.

Sorry can't provide a better solution at the moment.

Posted by juha at Feb 14, 2014 11:34

Don't be sorry - it's good to know it's "in train", even if someway off.
I'm wondering if Tasker (or something similar) can be called upon to bridge the gap in the interim.

Once my finances settle, I'm intending to buy a proper licence

Posted by ptruman at Feb 18, 2014 11:24
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