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A while ago I planned to use open remote for my home automation project.
However somebody convinced me to go for a Vera unit, which I now think was a big mistake...

I bought a vera2 and some z-wave devices.
It was working well, but now I am close to 45 devices and the unit becomes unresponsive...

My questions:
Would it be a solution to go to a raspberry pi with the Z-Wave plug?
Would it be possible to run the open remote controller on the same raspberry?
Would it be possible to run xbmc on the same raspberry?

I run:
11 Vision Security Door/Window sensor
12 Phillio Tech 2x1,5kw relay switches
15 Popp Plugs
4 Phillio Tech Shutter modules
2 Vision Security CO sensors
2 Vision Security Smoke sensors

I don't think your installation will work well on a Raspberry. At the forum there are some users who apparantly have split their installation over two till 4 Raspberry Pi devices.

Posted by pz1 at Sep 15, 2014 17:09

I bought one and I am going to give it a try... I don't see any other solutions for the moment ...

Posted by dclaeys at Sep 15, 2014 20:29

Hi PZ1,

you think the total will be too much.
Installing And my Z-wave devices AND OpenRemote AND xbmc, or even the amount of Z-wave devices will be too much for the raZberry?

I am considering to buy a second raspberry to run both OpenRemote and XBMC, thus the raZberry only would need to take care of the Z-Wave handling.


Posted by dclaeys at Sep 16, 2014 11:26

I think the developers of RaZberry do consider your installation of some 45 devices as too much for RaZberry. To be sure you must ask them directly.
They are working on a complete re-implementation of the Z-Way core from python into Google V8 JS. That may give improvement, but they have not yet indicated how much. They say the version 2.0 will be released in a mont from now or so. On past experience I would reckon on november-december for a usable release.

That being said about RaZberry proper. If you want to interface with OpenRemote, you now can use their OpenRemoteHelpers module for issuing commands and retrieving statusses. The status reading is the problem part. In order to get a decent feedback on your console, you must do quite frequent polling. For switches in the order of 2-3 seconds. For sliders even more frequent. That is heavy on the Raspberry side. In principle you can bind RaZberry events to be pushed to OpenRemote, but in contrast to commands you can not push a status through the REST API of OpenRemote. Too many status requests from polling by OpenRemote seems to clog the Z-Wave network. In my case that has lead to irreparable crashes of the Pi.
I have no solution yet.

Posted by pz1 at Sep 16, 2014 12:27

I just asked the team directly, they mention the RaZberry is guaranteed to handle 120 devices and considered to be able to handle more.
So I hope on that aspect I am safe.

Posted by dclaeys at Sep 16, 2014 15:50

See here ( what Sergeui Poltorak said about a year ago:

Raspberry Pi is not suited for real production

Posted by pz1 at Sep 17, 2014 08:00


In My humble opinion thats not really correct.
The Company I work, a worldwide active Company, is using raspberry's already for years to operate high sensitive sensors, etc... in an industrial field where there is dust, humidity,...

also, i understand from your site that you are also still run a razberry (thus raspberry pi)

Posted by dclaeys at Sep 17, 2014 17:25
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