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Hello, I have been loving this setup.

I have a raspberry pi with mochad and OpenRemote installed. I have an android phone with the OpenRemote App installed.
I have been able to control lights with the X-10 interface.

However, since the new update to 2.1 I can only control the light with a 2 button setup. One button with the light on and a separate button with the light off command.

I can't use the switch as shown on
In the past it has worked but now it will turn on the light, but it will not "switch" so that you can hit it again to turn off the light.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi Bill,

I have the same issue when updating my controller from version 2.0.0 to 2.1.0. All the switches have stopped working: they only send the "on command". I think it may be an issue with the TCP/IP protocol and the "getstatus" command of the swith to retrieve from mochad the reported status of the X-10 device.

Have you managed to resolve the problem?

Hope we can find a solution to this...

Posted by cacharritos at Jun 20, 2014 09:45

I have found the way to have this work is to use Controller Version: r8495
and designer version Version 2.14.0 (2013-04-20 Markab)
which allows you to add the polling interval.

Hope that helps!

Posted by bherch at Jun 20, 2014 21:36

Yes! You're right!

With controller 2.1.0 and Designer 2.14.0 it works adding a polling interval (I've used 1 second)

Thanks a lot

Posted by cacharritos at Jun 20, 2014 23:21
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