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Hi, I'm working on a project, which is Making a smart lock using raspberry pi 2 model B,
the lock is controlled br the raspberry GPIO pins, and then there is an android app which
commands the lock to be open or not. As a result, there should be a server to be the interface
of my app and raspberry pi. Is the services of openremote helpful for this project?
How can I use it?
Another thing is that I got problem with connecting to http://localhost:8080/controller
which seems unavailable for me.
I was wondering if you could give me a help.

Yes I use openremote for my entire home but also I hooked up the GPIO to a relay to control my non-connected subwoofer on/off.
All you need is a linux script to write to the GPIO and then you can run it from open remote shell command and create a GUI for it.

Good luck.

Posted by jlevy at Oct 03, 2015 18:28
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