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Hi guys, I'm back with a new question

I sent Juha a new controller category for Designer called lagarto_network. This category simply contains a config parameter called broadcast:

<category name="lagarto_network">
Configuration for Lagarto network
<config name="lagarto_network.broadcast" value="tcp://">
Broadcast address and port used by all lagarto servers to publish network events (ZeroMQ pub/sub endpoint).

So now I want to read the contents of "broadcast" from my CommandBuilder implementation. Juha told me to add a <property> under our CommandBuilder in applicationContext.xml

<!-- Lagarto Command Builder for SWAP (panStamp) devices and other technologies -->
<bean id = "lagartoCommandBuilder" class = "org.openremote.controller.protocol.lagarto.LagartoCommandBuilder">
<property name="broadcast" ref="broadcast"/>

But I'm not sure about ref="broadcast". Finally, I'll have to read the contents of "broadcast" from LagartoCommandBuilder or LagartoCommand... but I have not a clear idea about how to accomplish this.

Thanks again!


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