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Everything I've read about PBX systems seem to be geared for voice use (mailboxes, call forwarding, caller id, etc). I haven't been able to find much in terms of using it for home automation.

I've got a VOIP adapter that I use with Google Voice / Gizmo5 for sending and receiving calls, but I'd like to setup a system such that I can call, and have an automated menu (dtfm touchtone control) that I can use to turn on and off things at home.

I understand X-10 is the big hardware player in town for this kind of stuff, but what else would I need? Could a PBX like freeswitch, connect to an SIP account with Gizmo5 or SIP Sorcerer, and control X10 devices? Is MisterHouse and Zoneminder just internet aware versions of FireCracker?

BTW, I'm not tied to having to use a PBX.. its just the only way I can think of... are there other ways to do home automation that can be controlled thru a phone call?

Not sure about freeswitch as I haven't used it yet, but asterisk can be set up for this type of thing, an IVR can be set up and you'll just have to go through voice prompts to get to the commands you want.

You'll have to get into the Dial plan, I hacked together something similar a while back I basically ran php scripts depending on what number was pressed. If you can control the X10 hardware from system scripts it'd be possible to do this

The command I used was system, more info here:

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