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I've a few sensors linked to labels, and they work, at first time, because they don't refresh, we never know the real condition of the Sensor.
Is there any way to force a label or sensor the refresh in regular times?

My instalation is KNX.


Your KNX installation needs to send the updated value whenever there is a change.
The KNX protocol does not ask for changes but listens to the bus.

Posted by mredeker at Feb 14, 2013 08:56


Yes, I know but I have a few interfaces that don't up update (I think they don't listen).
The first case its blinds, i have a Haeger TL223B V2.0, and regular blinds connected to the outputs.
The problem is that from 1 inch to full open the command it's always shows OPEN.
But this is not a big problem.

The Big Problem is a Intsesis BOX that I've connected to AC Units.
I send the On Command and it stars, and I send the off command and it stops.
With Domoport or Merten@home, Ican see the status change, but OpenRemote, never changes the status!!!
I also wont to read setpoints and temperatures, and they read at the first time open, then they get static.

Any Idea.


Posted by araujo.emanuel at Feb 15, 2013 09:44

Does the Intsesis Box send the status update? Does it have a communication object for status?
Same with setpoint and temp. All my actuators have an extra communication object where I assign a status group address. I have my temp. sensor send the temp every minute and the status is updated.

Posted by mredeker at Feb 15, 2013 19:58
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