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Hi Everyone

New to the forums and to openremote and could do with a little help and advice.

After 2 days of toiling I have managed to set up the controller and sync it all up and now moving to the next step.

It wasn't easy, although looking back it is quite easy. I had lots of help from the forums mainly reading old posts and Im grateful for the past posters as I was able to find all the info and correct my mistakes simply by reading through the forums.

However it has just occurred to me to ask if the openremote can be used when away from the local network to control equipment when not at home. As this is very slow progress for me due to my limited computer literacy I thought I would ask the question before I get too deep and then find out it can't actually be done. I have tried to search teh forums but I couldn't find anything definitive.

I have a Kira 128 unit which I have plugged all the remote control commands I need and have used the Kira 128 successfully to control equipment remotely with other software so Im hoping this can be replicated with openremote as I need to use this with android based phones and tablets and the other software I use is only for iOS.

Thank you.

It can be used remotely, but requires setting up a VPN tunnel between your device and your home network. There's no step by step tutorial for VPN available at OpenRemote at the moment, and it depends quite a bit on the system you are using. There are plenty of VPN tutorials out there on the Internet though, and getting VPN set up is not specific to OR – once you have it running you can use it for OR or any other service. But getting one set up does require more work in improving your computer literacy (which you can see as a positive or negative).

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