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I would like to replace an image I'm using in a lot of screens with another one. Doing this through the designer UI would be very painful, so I would like to just replace the existing image on disk with a new one. I have been looking through the code and can not figure out how to do this. The modeler_tmp directory and the beehive resources/userid directory seem to get refreshed from somewhere, I just don't know where from. So my two questions are:

1. How or where can I manually swap out an image for another one without using the designer UI (copy a file, change a DB value, manipulate a zip file, etc...)

2. How can I delete an image from my ever growing pool of images without using the designer ui (The UI for selecting images does nothing when I try to delete and image).


The modeler_tmp directory is indeed just a cache and will get refreshed.

The resources/userid is the place to make the changes and more specifically the file.
This is the place where changes need to be made.

Please make a backup before trying this but I would:

  • delete a content of modeler_tmp
  • delete all files from resources/userid EXCEPT for
  • extract to a temporary folder, do the changes there (delete non used images, update images you want to change) , the re-package and put it back in resources/userid
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