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I'm attempting to retrieve the alarm trigger out of a Foscam.
I can obtain the data I require from the following command in a browser.


This returns the following:-

var id='000DC5D59B34';
var sys_ver='';
var app_ver='';
var alias='WrenCAM1';
var now=1357124856;
var tz=0;
var alarm_status=0;
var ddns_status=0;
var ddns_host='';
var oray_type=0;
var upnp_status=0;
var p2p_status=0;
var p2p_local_port=26658;
var msn_status=0;
var wifi_status=1;
var temperature=0.0;
var humidity=0;
var tridro_error='';

How can I extract the alarm_status in OpenRemote?
I was hoping I could use the HTTP command somehow.

Any help would be much appreciated.

You can extract the alarm_status with the following regex:


in the http command.

If you need only the digit then it would require grouping and the regex:


However, grouping is not implemented yet so you need to patch the code yourself. Mode about it

Posted by aktur at Jan 26, 2014 16:13


That works a treat, thanks.

I now have a camera triggering a label on the ipad whenever it sees motion. I will now write some rules to switch lights on whenever the cameras triggered.

Posted by nickwren at Jan 26, 2014 16:50


Again thanks for the help, I now have three Foscams all set-up so they can trigger any light i desire on movement.
Just going to have a look on the thread about randomizing time so that all the lights don't just turn on together but have a slight random delay.

Posted by nickwren at Jan 26, 2014 20:51
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