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I have created a number of scenes on KNX which work nicely using "hardware" switches as well as openremote switches on my iPhone.
Some of my actors (e.g. dim actor) don't support scenes. For an "all off" or "all on" scene, I also want to switch those lights on/off.
So I thought, rules would be the perfect tool to do so.

Here is what I added:

rule "Scene leave home" when
Event( source == "Leave home")
execute.command( "Light Dining (OFF)" );
log("Leave home scene");

But it doesn't work.
"Leave home" is the KNX command. Using that command on an OpenRemote button works just fine. Maybe a scene is not an Event but something different?

I did some more trial and error:

Event( source == "Leave home", value == 63)
Event( source == "Leave home", value == "scene 63")
Event( source == "scene 63")

but no luck...

Any ideas?

Posted by jimself at Oct 22, 2014 22:22

Commands are not events, your event should be a sensor.

Posted by ebariaux at Oct 23, 2014 07:51

Thanks, Eric, that makes a lot of sense
I will add a range sensor since I guess, KNX scenes are sending values between 1-64 and then try again later.

Posted by jimself at Oct 23, 2014 09:04

Seems like there is no way to trigger an event by a scene command (KNX 17.001): the boot.log says

"The included command reference in a sensor (ID = 2209) is not an event producer (Command id : 2209, Type : 1,749) "

Need to think of a different way to react on a KNX scene command....

Posted by jimself at Oct 23, 2014 20:04
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