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Hello all, I hope the day is finding you smiling! I have been trying to find some good relevant documentation regarding rules syntax as it may be applied to the Pro controller 1.0.11, but have spent many hours reading and trying various combinations of copied code from this forum, as well as jboss docs. At the moment, what I'm trying to accomplish is converting the integer string parsed from an xml call to my webcontrol plc, which returns the current second of the day already adjusted to my local clock, to display as hh:mm am/pm. Basically I will need to perform some pretty basic arithmetic in the rules engine. I have been successful thus far in getting numbers to display, I am just not sure why I am using the code terms I have copied from posts like Michal Rutkas temperature correction. This info should be available to us, and I know that someone here is very familiar with this stuff, and may just take for granted that it is self explanatory. Well, I myself am very new to java language and programming as a whole, with my background in installation and more the physical part of making things work. This community is so supportive, patient and understanding that I am confident we will be bringing IoT into the mainstream together, no matter what it may be called in the future.

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