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Hi I'm new to this so go easy on me if this has already been done.

I have just started playing with openremote to control my russound CAV6.6 devices from my phones etc, however I notice no events exist for play button/next/previous/return now playing etc is this intentional?

Also could the controller on the PC not act in two ways, one to send command from an openremote panel to the russound, and two pickup the commands from a CAV6.6 panel and issue these out to the PC.

For example I want to: When on the openremote/CAV6.6 panel the Play button is pressed, the openremote controller picks this up, and calls say a configurable set of HTTP commands to control whatever media software/device you wish to control (as most these days have a HTTP interface)

Any help would be great.

There were some updates from Torbjorn to Russound which I'm due to review today. He may have mentioned the play, etc. but I will have to check and see if he left notes in the code or commits. For the other Russound parts I'm not able to answer, do not know the implementation well enough to say whether it is possible or not.

Posted by juha at May 30, 2013 19:48

Will let you know if I discover something useful..

Posted by juha at May 30, 2013 19:49
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