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Hi all,

first of all i believe OpenRemote is a nice piece of software with an impressive front. Well done!!
Now my problem: i have a project to be done in the next 12 months which has a starting point of 200 inputs plus 200 outputs devided into three floors and garden but it's a must to be flexible and expandible. In Italy we use to say "the appetite comes eating".
Therefore i decided to use for this application easy, cheap and reliable remote controllers, also because in case of failure ...hotwap, not need of programming like arduino or similar.
Looking in the market i found a nice controller from Dencovi with 24 analog/digital I/O (under test now from at least one month), only problem speaks SNMP v1!
I read everithing from the forum, i used the "staging" composer and the server with SNMP debug implemented and the comunity set to "private". The server receive the "get" command implemented with a command but nothing to do with the "set"command.
Because the controller was not answer at all at the "set" request (debug "null") and it's perfectly working with a MIB browser, i tought there was a problem with the snmp command sent.
I used a sniffer in order to comparing the same command sent by openremote and sent by the mib browser and it seems they were not the same and this could give an answer why the controller doesn't replay.
Because i 'm an electronic with a very poor software Knowledge, i need some help on this issue.

One more question i already wrote probably replaying at a wrong topic: beacuse the machine where the server will run is a QNAP NAS (TS453 Pro), in the qnap pkg is snmp implemented?? Can be implemented?? Or we are just loosing time with snmp??

Thanks for any suggestions/help/comments


Hello Constantino,

I think the QNAP package would need to be updated to include SNMP. Or you would need to figure out how to create your own package or use the regular zip distribution with QNAP. Or use something like the ebox hardware instead.

Don't know about SNMP sets, might require you to dig into the code and point out what needs to be changed, or change it in your own copy of the software, unless someone sends a patch here.

Posted by admin at Dec 16, 2014 20:49


What you wrote made me sad and desparate!

I will spend some time to go deeper into this snmp problem and i will be back.
Meantime if some good soul want to give a contribution.....


Posted by costa at Dec 17, 2014 17:14


Is there any news on the SNMP protocol in the Pro designer?

I've been looking at the CobraNet audio distribution products.

These products can be addressed via SNMP, I'd like to see if it's possible to change output volumes and select audio bundles (sources) via OpenRemote.

There are amazing advanced features in the Voicebox matrix unit, but essential I think that selecting sources and adjusting volumes would be a good start.

Thanks in advance for your help

Posted by mdar at Sep 18, 2015 09:15
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