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i`m currently building my Home Cinema Remote with an iTach IP2IR and Open Remote.
All the features i`ve used until now are great; thanks for the great SW.

There`s only one thing that worries me.
I`ve two devices that have no iR-Codes for a discrete ON/Off. That means they have only a toogle code.

On my harmony, which shall be completely replaced by OR + Nexus 7, the Remote "remembers" the states of the device so if the device is already turned on, the Turn ON/OFF code isn`t sent again.

Scenario would be the following:

Scene (Macro) "Watch TV (TV)" selected:
-> TV ON sent -> (TV is on)
-> Satellite Receiver Toogle sent (Receiver is ON)
-> Yamaha RX-V767 sent (Yamaha is on)

Now i want to watch TV on my Projector

Scene (Macro) "Watch TV (Projector)" selected:
-> TV OFF sent (TV was ON, TV is now turned off)
-> Yamaha RX-V767 On sent (already on, nothing happens)
-> Satellite Receiver Toggle sent (Receiver is now OFF)
-> Sanyo PLV-Z200 Toggle sent (Projector is on)

As you can see it causes an false result when switching between scenes when devices are invovced which have no discrete ON/OFF-IR-Code.

Is it possible to solve the problems with rules?
As i understood rules can only be used with sensors like KNX.

Does anybody have an idea, i`m completely new to OR.

Thank you

Recently some samples were posted on the forums where people use rules and virtual commands to simulate a distinct on/off.

Posted by mredeker at May 21, 2013 08:27

Thanks Marcus for your quick reply,

i`ve searched the forum and found some interesting threads(This one and this one)

I`ve created now three "commands" a sensor, a switch and a label.
I also created the rule from Thread #2.

I`m now able to toggle the switch and get the according output on my created label.

At this point i didn`t know how to continue.

So i created three more commands, another sensor/label.
I can switch the second label like the first. So i tried to expand the rule to something like:

If fake_sensor=on && real_sensor==off
System.out.println("switch off");

But this is not working.

I need something like

  sensor_fake == on && sensor_real==off (Would mean somtehing turns the device off)
  Set sensor_fake=off

  sensor_fake == off && sensor_real==on (Would mean somtehing turns the device on)
  Set sensor_fake=on

I hope you understand what i mean.
As i said, i`m completely new to openremote and rules.

It would be great if you somebody could give me some helpflu hints.
Perhaps i`m on the completely wrong way and missing something?

Thanks a lot

Posted by orjo at May 22, 2013 20:15

The threads you found are ok. The 2nd one has a post from Eric which explains it.
Where he has "CL_on" or "CL_off" just trigger your ir commands for on and off.
The in-memory sensor will handle the status.
If in-memory is already on nothing will happen.

Posted by mredeker at May 22, 2013 22:08

Hi Marcus,

i`m sorry but i still do not understand how to use this for my problem.
I have now a switch with a rule and could call two commands from there but i got only one trigger ir command which would cause the problem as described.

Could you explain me a little bit more detailed what you mean?

Thank you for your previous help

Posted by orjo at May 23, 2013 18:01

Your one command has to be called in the rule for switch "on" and for switch "off".
Since the in-memory switch is somehow intelligent the rule will not trigger if it's on already and you turn it on again.

Posted by mredeker at May 23, 2013 20:36

I think i`m on the right way now

-> Create the in-memory switch with ON,OFF and status
-> Create the rule
-> Put in the toggle IR-Command into Rule in both On and OFF
-> Create 2 Button or Macro and call the commands ON & OFF

Right direction?

Posted by orjo at May 23, 2013 21:35

Yes, that is how thought of it.

Posted by mredeker at May 23, 2013 21:39
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