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I noticed some references to the "MOC" in some iOS commit messages and found out from Eric Bariaux that "MOC" stands for "Managed Object Context", which is kind of like a Hibernate session, but for CoreData. Behind CoreData lies a SQLite database. I don't believe we have any usage of SQLite on the Android console at the moment, but it may not be a bad idea. Thoughts, anyone? I don't know of any other relational databases on Android, but it may be nice to use some kind of abstraction layer on top of SQLite anyway. Anyway know of something suitable that works on Android?

What is the database needed for?

Posted by juha at Jul 28, 2011 10:31

I use CoreData to store the whole configuration of controllers.
This could be a configuration file but CoreData make things easier and the fact there's a SQLite file behind is completely hidden.

Posted by ebariaux at Aug 03, 2011 11:56
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