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Hello again....

is it possible to add a suffix to a sensor which is visable in a label?
i have is status bar on top of my panel with the actual time and outside temp.
Right now it shows only "-0.1" but it would like to have there "-0.1 °C!.
Ok... i know i can add a second label with "°C" but that´s not confortable. Is there any other way i dont know?

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You don't describe how you get your data. I have done it with the HTTP protocol on XML as follows

<response gauge_power="1433" gauge_temp="40.1" energy_today="2.672"/>

Xpath: concat(//response/@gauge_temp," °C")

Posted by pz1 at Oct 26, 2012 09:35

Ups... sorry. I use KNX-Data. I get the value from a tempsensor in dpt 9.001 and add a new command with protocol KNX and KNX Command: STATUS. I add a sensor with type "custom" and "custom state item: TEMP". Thats all works fine...
I want only a suffix at my temperaturevalue without add another label.

Posted by peterchrisben at Oct 26, 2012 09:59

I set such label (temp) yet it is not workin. I did not put any effort over this one but I would appreciate screenshot of the definitions.
I own a Schneider weather station with wind, rain temp and light sensors.
I setup group address for each value (9.001) yet I does not work.
Further more, could you post the time example as well.

Posted by niraviry at Nov 02, 2012 15:36
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