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I'd like to integrate the WIFI/HTTP remote capabilities of Samsung Smart@TV into OR.
The trouble is that I don't know where to find the HTTP Command / protocol.
If you have any advise / document



Keep searching in Google. Someone has decoded and documented the protocol but I couldn't find it again with a few searches. You can replace the entire Linux system inside the TV if you want to.

Posted by jonsmirl at Oct 13, 2011 16:25

I quickly looked for it the other day. This is the bookmarks I collected.

..inofficial documentation for the http protocol:

..and here is some proposal on how to do something similar over HDMI (requires an adapter):

If you go ahead to contribute something in this area I suggest you try to document for what models it works so that people don't need to get frustrated or dissapointed.


Posted by toesterdahl at Oct 14, 2011 20:29

I recall a Linux app that implements the http protocol exist too. You are on the right track.

HDMI CEC is another way. Here's an Arduino library implementing the protocol.

Hardware is in this thread...

About a dozen parts, easily hacked together since it is all low frequency.

Building HDMI CEC hardware will let you control all of the CEC enabled devices - like receiver, satellite/cable box, TV, DVD player. etc.

Posted by jonsmirl at Oct 14, 2011 20:48

I just got myself a brand new Samsung UE32D5700 and looked at the sammygo website a little.
Did not find much info about remote controlling yet, but I am on to it now
My TV only has a setting "Allow LAN remote" or something like that.

Posted by mredeker at Oct 15, 2011 19:48

Just played around with it a little. The TV is the coolest
The Samsung APP for iPhone is pretty cool and you can do pretty much everything except turning on

The APP autodiscovered the TV and then I had to confirm with the TV remote that a new remote wants to control the TV.
After that everything works really smooth. They even stole our idea to use gesture for channel selection and volume control

More to come ...

Posted by mredeker at Oct 15, 2011 20:26

The TV is announcing it's IP through UPnP and also a service for remote control. But that looks like not working
The link to the sammygo website which Torbjörn posted is perfect. It should not be to hard to convert the perl code into Java and create a OpenRemote protocol for the Samsung TV's using that protocol.
I will look into this.

Posted by mredeker at Oct 24, 2011 10:12

Based on the Android App from Tom Quist, I added support to remote control Samsung TV's through network.
The code is available in my current developer branch:

Auto-Discovery with UpNP is not yet supported and you have to configure your TV IP-address within

The protocol tag is called 'samsungTV' and you need to configure the commands with one property 'keyCode' which takes a String like:

  • ....

All supported keycodes can be found here:

Maybe not all of the codes will work for your TV. Mine eg. does not support "KEY_POWERON" but maybe others do.

Posted by mredeker at Oct 25, 2011 12:58

Hi Markus,

This is a very good news, thank you for your work.
Even if I'd like to share my experience for the issues I'm facing, First result test is SUCCESS.
I've successfully been able to send 5 basic commands to my SAMSUMG TV D6530

An issue: I've downloaded :

All 3 are running locally on my environment, but may be not correctly.
Beehive is running and have access to a MySQL database. Through the URL: I've got access to the LIRC selection page. So I presume it's OK
the Modeler is running, I have access locally and have created 5 Samsung commands (vol/ch up, down+tools)+ iPAD panel to test. But with trouble to save.
The controller is running, access to my account seems OK, but when clicking on sync I've received an error: "can't find"
So I've used the zip file in the modeler_tmp and bring it into the controller DIR, unzip, relaunch controller.
At least I can upload the panel on ipad.
when trying to pilot the TV, I'm receiving a error: unknown command error 400.
So go back to designer and now, I can save my project. So Sync with controller, load on iPAD , test again and "unknown command". Look at the log and I see: "Invlid KeyCode:K" (with the typo in 'invalid'
Go back in designer and indeed, I've noticed that some KEY_Code was trunked to value "K"or "KEY". I've re-entered all the 5 Samsung commands, save, sync, load and now it's working

So, yes the result is positive, but what's going on with my install?

Another question; Do I have to change something to have my KNX commands working with your Controller? I'm receiving error for the sensor: No Pooling connection available.

Thank you for your work


Posted by yannph at Oct 25, 2011 21:42

My controller version has a problem with the KNX Command builder. You have to remove the "count" stuff in the constructor. This was a workaround for another problem that seems to be fixed but the count has to be removed also.

I am not sure what could be wrong with your install. If you have everything running locally maybe a .properties file is still pointinng to a wrong URL?

Posted by mredeker at Oct 25, 2011 21:51

Another very interesting application would be to use a Ceton tuner card with MythTV and then transmit live streams to the Samsung TV without an external box by the TV. The question is to see if the Samsung has the appropriate Windows codec installed that is needed to decrypt the Media Player stream from the MythTV/Ceton combo. The TV already has the front end for a Media Extender in it.

Some posts on using Ceton with MythTV

There are some issues with copy freely content. Almost all content on FIOS is marked copy freely. This suggests that Myth can transmit it unencrypted which means the media player in the Samsung should be able to pick it up.

The point in doing this is to eliminate the need for a cable box on each TV.

Posted by jonsmirl at Oct 25, 2011 23:05

I also use MythTV for TV recording and have a cheap SAT receiver card inside my Linux box.
MythTV is recording the original MPEG stream which is played without any problem from Samsung TV.

Posted by mredeker at Oct 26, 2011 08:35

Can you send live streams to the TV?

Posted by jonsmirl at Oct 26, 2011 11:53

I don't think the TV can do that.
The TV supports DLNA which is using the build-in MythTV UpNP server which serves the files from "recording" directory.

Posted by mredeker at Oct 26, 2011 12:09

It should be possible for Myth to feed live streams out to a DLNA consumer. For example Internet radio streams are live streams and they work. This is probably more of a question on how to configure Myth to make the live video stream available. The TV should never be aware if the stream is live or recorded.

Posted by jonsmirl at Oct 26, 2011 12:17

My commercial FIOS DVR works like Myth does. The FIOS DVR continuously records whatever channel you are tuned to and you actually watch the recording instead of true live TV. They advertise this as the ability to "pause live TV"

Posted by jonsmirl at Oct 26, 2011 12:20

That his how MythTV is doing also. You can use the SamsungTV to connect to the recording stream of live tv

Posted by mredeker at Oct 26, 2011 12:24

How do you change channels while watching the live stream? You need to get a signal from your remote device back to the Myth backend somehow. And tuning to a different channel on Myth doesn't break the connection between the DLNA in the TV and Myth?

There is an app SDK for the Samsung TVs. I believe it has the ability to play DLNA streams. You might be able to write an app for the TV that forwards the signals from the remote to the Myth backend.

Posted by jonsmirl at Oct 26, 2011 13:05

Samsung is still offering free TVs for doing app development. Last time around they had so few entries that every submission won free equipment. Now they are adding cash to the prize too.

Posted by jonsmirl at Oct 26, 2011 13:11

Only US residence

Posted by mredeker at Oct 26, 2011 13:25

There is a comment in the forums from Samsung that they are working on opening it up to more countries. Since it takes a while to develop these apps there is a chance they will have it opened to more countries by the time you are finished. This current contest for the US closes in a few weeks so you probably weren't going to be ready in time anyway. You could also add a US based member to your team.

The one developer I know who has worked on these apps says that they are pretty free with giving away hardware once they are sure you are a serious developer. You could always try working with them outside the official contest channel.

Posted by jonsmirl at Oct 26, 2011 13:40

Might be worth a try.
Could create an App to control OpenRemote from the Samsung TV

Posted by mredeker at Oct 26, 2011 13:46

Can't you do that using the OpenRemote WebConsole?

Posted by yannph at Oct 26, 2011 14:07

You could, but then you need to use a cell phone or something for the remote that has a browser. Doing it as an app for the TV lets you use the TV's IR remote.

Posted by jonsmirl at Oct 26, 2011 14:18

Hi Marcus,

This is tha "sales" period and I've bought a new Samsung 3D blu-ray disc player (BD D5500)
This one, like the television, can be IP remotely controlled.
I assume, the implementation done for the TV will work for the player. The protocol & commands should be the same.
the only issue is that it's another device, so another IP address. In the current controller, we have to hard-code one IP. So either the TV or the player.
Would be usefull if we could defined several SAMSUNG devices in the controller or entered the IP at runtime, through a panel.


Posted by yannph at Jan 06, 2012 14:25

OK, good point. I can take a look and see if it's easy to extend.
Right now the implementation only supports one device

The future plan goes into the direction that the controller will disvover everything that is discoverable and that he supports and will give that information to the online designer after giving the controller your online credentials.

The designer would automatically see that you have multiple Samsung devices, a KNX gateway and maybe some other stuff.

All you need todo then, is to say which devices should be controlled and create a remote for it or choose a layout from predefined remotes (eg. TV, DVD, ...)

But this will take a little longer until all our dreams come true

Posted by mredeker at Jan 06, 2012 15:03

whaouw .... sounds incredible.
Waiting for the v3 of controller and designer.

thank you for your work

Posted by yannph at Jan 08, 2012 13:56

I realize that this functionality is for Samsung TVs. Does anyone know whether this functionality would control a Samsung Blu-ray player in any capacity? I am sure there is some functionality that does not apply. I am really wondering how much cross-over there is, if any, to Samsung Blu-ray players.


Posted by wiyosaya at Jan 16, 2012 20:34

Just try it out. Some commands will probably work with no problems.
In the moment you can only control one Samsung device at a time though.
The configuration only support one IP address for now.

Posted by mredeker at Jan 16, 2012 21:48

I will have to rewrite some stuff and support multiple configuration properties.
Since the change of the configuration of the controller is another TODO (ORCJAVA-183), I will wait.

Posted by mredeker at Jan 16, 2012 22:05
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