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Hi I find building screens for all the various devices I have to be quite painful. I've tried templates but you still need to connect up all the commands. The slow bit seems to be getting the layout right and uploading images.

Would it just be easier to design the screen as a single image outside of OR with all the buttons fixed? Then each button can just be applied to the design.

This would also be good for creating some sort of design repositories.

Also I am not sure whether having one big image causes problems with uploads.

In general this should be possibe and you can use buttons with transparent images to overlay ontop of your "big" image which you use as background.
The push effect might not show that way.

Posted by mredeker at May 31, 2013 08:39

Hello Marcus.

It's a solution but the problem stays the same: have to replace OR default image by a transparent one...

A good thing would be to allow copy/past or the possibility to create default button (light button, cover button, plug button, ...). All these in a personnal elements library (as we today have images).

Posted by milimilo at Jun 11, 2013 15:40
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