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saw several guys with the same issue but nowhere a real solution. Therefore I want to ask again:
a) I want to switch a light with OpenRemote (=OR).
b) Therefore I created a Light_ON, a Light_OFF and a Light_Status command. All of them for the same address. Tried with a separate Status address too but behaviour was the same ... ;-(
c) Used protocol KNX, SWITCH_ON, SWITCH_OFF and STATUS as KNX commands.
d) What happens:
-> If the light is off and I start the Openremote app on my iphone, I can switch on the light but the Status shows still OFF.
-> If the light is on and I start the Oprenreomte app on my iphone, I can switch the light off but the Status remains still ON.
-> When I use ETS 4 to switch the same light ON and OFF the OR Status label gets updated correctly everytime!
e) When I scrutinize the KNX bus with the ETS monitor, the ON and OFF commands from ETS and the OR switch seems to be the same, no difference recognizable only the source address is different.

My conclusion:

  • As the the On/Off commands look identical sensor does not work.
  • As the sensor works correctly if ON/OFF is tranmitted by the ETS, there must be a bug in OR. Sensor implementation. Confirmed???
  • I tried to work with one address for ON/OFF and Status and I tried to use a separate address for Status but both time same results and same behaviour.

Is this a known bug?
Or is it perhaps connected somehow with the KNX interface (In my case an IP router from EIBMARKT)?

Seeing forward to your answer(s)! And thanks in advance for your support.

kind regards
Jakob alias chako

Same address is not supported. The status has to come from a different group address.
And your actuator has to send the new status after a change on that seconds group address.
The status communication objects has to be configured for read, write and transmit.
I suppose you connected your status command to a switch sensor.

Posted by mredeker at Feb 14, 2013 08:03

Hi Marcus,

thanks for your mail. This way it works!

Do you know if it is possible to implement that using only one address?
Is perhaps a developer working on that?


Posted by itchako at Feb 16, 2013 10:06

This was discussed here:
We are looking into it and will probably implement something soon.

Posted by mredeker at Feb 16, 2013 10:11

Super, thanks alreadyx now!


Posted by itchako at Feb 16, 2013 10:14
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