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I just found your project and it looks like you've started something I've been interested in doing for a long time.

What is the status of controling devices over RS232 interfaces?

I have a Mitsubishi wd 62525 with a RS232 interface and recently found the documentation on the command protocol for it.  I was thinking I could contribute to the project by doing as little as passing along the information, or as much as whatever it would take to make it work.



Hi Allen,

we have RS232 support based on text protocol over ethernet. There is no native RS232 support using COM ports yet.
I am using an ethernet to RS232 converter (Korenix JetPort 5201) to control my LCD television with it.


Posted by mredeker at Aug 12, 2009 22:18


    How does the protocol for your television compare to the specification I attached?



Posted by alleny at Aug 13, 2009 15:02

It looks like this is a binary protocol. This is currently not supported.

My TV is using a text based protocol.


Posted by mredeker at Aug 16, 2009 08:47

Hi, I see there is a branch in the SVN for General Serial interface. What is the development status of it? Is it made for binary and HEX data, or only ASCII is supported? Is it going to be a part of the 2.0?

Posted by mishoboss at Aug 12, 2010 17:50

It's not going to make it into 2.0 – it's in the back burner for the moment until I find some free time to get back to it, or somebody else picks it up. It would support binary protocols as well as ASCII.

Posted by admin at Aug 13, 2010 09:23
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