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I'm going to control my Bose home-cinema AV35 via serial interface. It uses RS232 protocol for which I have specifications. As RS232 socket is a little antique I'm planning to use USB-RS232 interface based on the PL2303 chip. What I'm looking for is a tip about development tool USB-RS232 terminal with drivers for the PL2303 chip. Google search gives many options but I always welcome a good advise. My primary development platform is MacBookPro and final destination platform is eBox running linux voyage. Right now I have all specifications and hardware present and I'm in process of selection of the software development tools. Any handy tips will be much appreciated.

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I use a USB to RS232 adapter-cable that I have bought of the shelf. I can not remember what chip they use but my understanding is that they mostly use the same or compatible chips that have support under Linux. With common distributions, in my case Ubuntu, it is not necessary to compile any additional modules, it is just identified as you plug it in. The module (device driver) will add the additional ports under /dev, i.e. /dev/ttyUSB0... You might need to use chmod to set access rights for the new ports, or add your tomcat user to an appropriate group that already have access, i.e. 'dialup'. A particular issue might be to know which USB port map to which tty; in this case I can only suggest trial and error. Unfortunately the assignment of /dev/ttyUSB1 will change if you pull out /dev/ttyUSB0 and reboot. I suspect that Mac is not much different but you would need to check.

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Btw. Asus, the maker of my motherboard offers a adapter cable to plug onto the motherboard. It is just that it is hanging on the USB bus as well - from my understanding technically the same solution as with the 3rd party device.

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Thanks for info. Much appreciated. I need a little help with 'add your tomcat user to an appropriate group'. This is probably a simple linux command but don't know how to do it. For one, there is no tomcat user on eBox. On the other hand, OpenRemote-Controller is root, so perhaps it can talk to /dev/ttyUSB0 anyway.

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root quite likely can read and write anyway.

This would be the command to give everyone rights to read and write to /dev/ttyUSB0.

> chmod 777 /dev/ttyUBS0

This would be the command to add user 'usera' to the group 'dialup'.

> usermod -G dialup usera

You would also need to check that dialup is owner of /dev/ttyUSB0 and grant read and write rights to this group. Stick to the first alternative unless you have a clear idea what you want to achive.

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I've made some progress with my Bose development. Currently I can control the console through serial interface and command line protocol calling Python scripts. Next step will be porting the logic to Java and integrating it as a new protocol in Openremote. Anyone interested in this work can follow me on my blog

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Thanks for the update. Sounds very interesting. Let us know if we can help with moving this as an integration to OpenRemote or getting your work under version control.

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