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In general my connection between OpenRemote and the Beckhoff CX9001 over the ASP - Connection is running o.k.

By testing the system I am getting the second time the effect that I have no reactions in the OpenRemote App on the IOS any more.
If I try to get a signal in a browser I get the following error:

Windows CE Web Server is too busy, cannot handle any more connections.

After resetting it is for sure working again.

Does anybody know how to handle this without resetting the CX every time?



I don't have any experience with the Beckhoff CX9001 but maybe this web server overload is caused by sensor commands (polling). If that's the case you could try the following:

  • Increase the polling interval of your sensor commands
  • Increase the MaxConnections setting inside the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\COMM\HTTPD registry key of your WinCE system (Beckhoff CX9001) (see It seems the default setting of MaxConnections is 10.
Posted by rhitz at Feb 07, 2014 18:30

Hi Ingo and Rainer,

I have same expirience with a CX9010.
The controller is running on a Synology DS 213J NAS, and app is running on an iPad.

System works after startup (with a delay of +/- 1s),
after sending some commands, the response is getting slower until no response anymore.

Could it be a solution to install a CX 9020 CPU?

fyi, I haven't tried the solution with the Maxconnections yet. What is the max. amount of connections?

Best Regards,

Posted by tombevers at Mar 06, 2014 10:14

It's hard to judge if a more powerful Beckhoff controller would fix the problem before we do not know the actual reason for the problems.

I would tackle the problem with a simplified configuration and increase the complexity gradually. Start with a single sensor command and a set command. Does it work ? If yes increase the number of sensors gradually to find the limit when it no longer works reliably.

Posted by rhitz at Mar 06, 2014 19:43

I set the maxconnections in the ce registry to 100, this seems to solve the slow-down-until-blocked problem.
There is still a delay of +/- 1 second... I can live with it.

Another question:

how can I configure a beckhoff dimmer in the openremote app?

Posted by tombevers at Mar 06, 2014 21:23

The How To - Beckhoff contains all you need to know how to create the dimmer.

  1. Create a HTTP dimmer set value command. In case of a dimmer command do not forget to add ${param}.
    example :${param}

  2. Create a HTTP sensor command in order to read the dimmer value.
    example :

  3. Create a slider object and link the commands from step 1. and 2.
Posted by rhitz at Mar 07, 2014 20:35
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