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Sharing Templates and Designs
I have managed to save a public template in the Online Designer and import it into another account.
When I did this it also imported all of the Devices and commands correctly.

It would prepose that this tread could be used to list descriptions and the name of the templates which they have uploaded.

I noticed that the search facility does not work correctly but it is easy enough to scroll through the pages to find the correct design.

If all of the current Public Templates could be deleted this would be a help as most
are only tests,

As an example I have posted a public template by the name of Template 1 which is
just an example for others to test downloding.

Thanks, will look at cleaning out the test templates when have the chance. If templates become popular will need to look into other management functions for them as well.

Posted by admin at Aug 31, 2011 03:15

MCE Controller Example

I have uploaded a template in designer which has all of the commands for using MCE Controller.
The IP and port settings will require changing to match your system
If you open designer
Go into Panel
Go New
New Screen From Template
Pick Public
Search for MCE
This should bring up MCE Controller if you load this it should bring up a design and
also load MCE as a device which will give you all the commands.

Posted by pjmm at Oct 10, 2011 23:34
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